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The Resident Services Department is at the heart of our organizational mission. At the forefront of our work is supporting the housing stability and well-being of our Burbank Housing residents. From health and fitness to learning opportunities for all ages, our programs get neighbors together. Our team of Resident Service Coordinators partner with dozens of community organizations to bring free onsite programs and resources in the areas of Health & Wellness, Adult & Families, Youth, Senior Support and Community Engagement. These programs can vary from site to site based on the needs of the residents who live there. Our department also works with individual residents to connect them with essentials like health and food resources, childcare referrals and connections to local support agencies. We strive to treat every person we meet with care and empathy.

When we all stand together to support everyone in need, we are building up a stronger, more vibrant community.


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Focus On: Redwood Empire Food Bank

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As part of our mission to create vibrant local communities, we view supporting the well-being of our residents as crucial. Our Resident Services Department is committed to promoting health and resiliency for anyone who calls a Burbank community home. To that end, we foster strong partnerships with local food distribution organizations, helping our residents to take food insecurity off the menu.

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With reliable access to food consistently ranking at the top of our annual resident needs assessments, and at least 3,000 Burbank Housing residents taking advantage of food pantries, having reliable partners that can provide food for that kind of need is critical. Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) is a critical piece of that puzzle, delivering food (and more!) to our Burbank Housing Communities throughout Sonoma County, where food distribution is led largely by resident volunteers and managed by RS staff.

The combined efforts of REFB and Burbank Housing also meant that during last summer, over 100,000 meals were provided to youth as part of the county-wide Summer Lunch Program, alleviating a significant burden from families during an already stressful time.

Just as critical as access to housing that is safe and affordable, reliable access to food that is healthy is another piece of the puzzle needed by everyone in order to prosper and live lives that are meaningful to them.


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If you would like to partner with Burbank Housing in helping our communities thrive then please consider volunteering with our Resident Services Department to help meet the material needs of those in our community!

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Burbank Housing is committed to fostering opportunities for people with limited-income of all ages, backgrounds and special needs through affordable housing


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