A home changes everything. Burbank Housing helps families and individuals overcome huge barriers to stable housing.

For over 40 years, we have led the region in creating and maintaining quality, sustainable housing and rental opportunities, inspiring understanding and acceptance of affordable housing initiatives, fostering community development and revitalization, and providing opportunities for affordable housing.

Our development team performs all phases of housing development: new development and construction to rehabilitation and refinancing. Every day, we combine our passion for helping people and our development expertise to find the best ways to build and the best ways to serve all in need through innovative development and strong financial stewardship.



A key to new beginnings.

We go beyond bricks and mortar to support residents and the community.

When the dust settles on a new construction, the team at Burbank Housing Management Corporation steps in to ensure residents enjoy a safe, open community where they can thrive.

Our Property Management takes care of the property through maintenance and financial management. And we take care of our residents by providing social services coordination and connection to Community Services.

From screening applications to collecting rent, handling resident conflicts to maintaining the buildings, our focus is on ensuring each property we manage remains a great asset for the entire community, by focusing on the best interests of the individuals, families, seniors, farm workers and special needs groups who live there.


Opening new doors for every resident.

We provide new opportunities for nearly 8,700 people throughout Sonoma & Napa County.

Beyond housing, we're bringing vital services that enhance well-being of our residents as well as the surrounding community. From health and fitness to learning opportunities for all ages, our Community Services programs are helping residents thrive.

Through partnerships with great organizations across the region, we provide a host of services and programming at our properties at no cost to residents or the local community. Programming includes free food distributions, quality after-school programs, holistic health and wellness, art education, Zumba, and a variety of seasonal family and senior activities. And we're constantly looking to improve our offerings to meet the needs of residents.

Thanks to the great work of our Community Services team and volunteers, we're proud to play a positive role in helping residents achieve their goals and look toward a brighter future.


Everyone deserves a place to call home.

Together, we can create and sustain quality affordable homes that strengthen lives and communities.

Affordable housing development means more than just building. It also requires that we maintain and preserve our existing properties. We're committed to the stewardship of our growing portfolio.

Our Asset Management team works to analyze and monitor the long-term financial and physical health and regulatory compliance of all our Burbank Housing properties finding the balance between stewardship and our capacity to leverage our assets to meet our mission of continuing to produce and provide affordable housing.

Burbank Housing has established a successful track record as a leader in the creation and improvement of quality, sustainable housing, created strong partnerships locally and nationally, and has maintained a fiscally healthy balance sheet, allowing for flexibility and agility in providing services.


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