Home changes everything … For 36 years, Burbank has served families and individuals who face the greatest barriers to stable housing.

Burbank Housing has led the region in creating and maintaining quality, sustainable housing and rental opportunities, inspiring understanding and acceptance of affordable housing initiatives, fostering community development and revitalization, and providing opportunities for affordable housing.

Our development team performs all phases of housing development, from new development and construction to rehabilitation and refinancing. We have a demonstrated track record for building, stewarding and partnering with organizations to continue to provide quality affordable housing in challenging markets.

The depth and breadth of our expertise is reflected in our quality building, community connection and sustainability. We evaluate our success with one key measurement … homes for our residents.



For some, a key unlocks a whole new beginning.

Excellence in affordable housing means going beyond bricks and mortar to support residents and the community.

Burbank Housing Management Corporation transforms units and properties into homes and vibrant communities. Our on-site managers work closely with residents to establish a sense of place and community pride.

We work together to help ensure that the high-quality standards put into place for developing affordable apartments and townhomes are reflected in the daily operations of each current and future property. From screening rental applications, collecting rent, to handling resident conflicts and maintaining the physical building, our Management team ensure that properties continue to be assets to residents and the greater community.

Our properties serve individuals, families, seniors, farm workers and special needs groups. The commitment of our experienced staff provides quality homes and communities to Sonoma County residents.


Building community, one neighbour at a time

Each year, Burbank provides housing for just under 10,000 people in its 61 affordable housing properties throughout Sonoma County.

Burbank Housing strives to support successful residency and create thriving communities by focusing on resident connections, engagement, and stability while providing affordable housing.

We partner with additional supportive services to help residents in achieving housing stability and personal goals. We bring programming to our community rooms at our properties at no cost to our residents or the local community. Staff regularly preforms outreach and assessments to ensure that programs are meeting the needs of the residents. Programming includes free food distributions, quality after school programs, holistic health and wellness, art education, Zumba, and a variety of seasonal family and senior activities

Our Community Services team works with residents and volunteers to build respectful relationships with our Service partners to strengthen the lives of our residents. By providing a platform for everyone to feel involved in the conversation, residents, providers and staff are developing strong and sustainable solutions in the lives of our larger community.


Because everyone deserves a place to call home.

Burbank’s mission is to create and sustain quality affordable homes that strengthen lives and communities.

Affordable housing means more than just building housing. It also requires that we maintain and preserve our existing properties. We are committed to the stewardship of our growing portfolio.

Our Asset Management team works to analyze and monitor the long term financial and physical health and regulatory compliance of all our Burbank Housing properties finding the balance between stewardship and our capacity to leverage our assets to meet our mission of continuing to produce and provide affordable housing.

Burbank Housing has established a successful track record as a leader in the creation and improvement of quality, sustainable housing, created strong partnerships locally and nationally, and has maintained a fiscally healthy balance sheet, allowing for flexibility and agility
in providing services.


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