A home is just the beginning for Burbank Housing and all of our residents.

Burbank Housing is a local nonprofit dedicated to building quality affordable housing in Sonoma County. We create vibrant local communities that are carefully designed, professionally managed, and sustainable both financially and environmentally, to foster opportunities for people with limited-income of all ages, backgrounds and special needs.


For over thirty five years Burbank Housing has helped shape Sonoma County. We have built over 2,800 affordable rental units in over 60 properties as well as building and selling over 800 affordable homes. We have created vibrant local communities that are viable and sustainable for their residents. But there is more to do. Our wait list is over 10,000. At Burbank Housing, we shall continue to help communities with housing that is affordable. We are invested in the future of Sonoma County—its housing, its people and its communities.



Burbank Housing staff members are dedicated to our mission of building communities and opportunities. Our leadership team brings together decades of experience in nonprofit service and leadership, with special expertise in real estate development, property management, construction, and community building.

Lawrance Florin

Chief Executive Officer

Paula Schlunegger


Mark Krug

Business Development Manager

Marianne Lim

Director of Housing Development

Larry Boughton

Construction General Manager

Annie McNeany

Director of Property Management

Hannah Faire Scott

Director of Community Engagement

Paula Ash

Director of Human Resources

Sheryl Pope

IS/IT Manager


Our Board of Directors are community members with the expertise and passion for providing housing and opportunities in Sonoma County. They represent various sectors of our community, including government, business, and non-profits, and offer a wide breadth of expertise to help us develop our programs and vision.

David W. Spilman, Chair

Bill. Bowman

Leroy Carlenzoli

Rick Lewis, Vice Chair

Elizabeth Lehrer

Alexander Mallonee

Jon M. Stark, Secretary

Bart Van Voorhis

Kim August

Stuart W. Martin, Treasurer


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